Are You Addicted to Sugar?

Do you find yourself constantly reaching for processed foods? Are you known for your "sweet tooth"? What about that 2PM pick-me-up you find yourself needing?

If this sounds like you, you are most likely addicted to sugar! But don't worry, that is where the 10 Day Sugar Detox Guide comes in!

In this guide, you will:

  • Understand of the impact of sugar on your health

  • Identify what is triggering your sugar cravings

  • Learn how to properly detox from sugar and processed foods

  • Gain tools to stop cravings in their tracks

  • Improve your mindset skills to develop a strong mental game when it comes to stopping cravings

This 30-page guide is the perfect supplement to any Shaped By Sheryl program.

“The facts are in, the science is beyond question. Sugar in all its forms is the root cause of our obesity epidemic and most of the chronic diseases sucking the life out of our citizens, our economy, and increasingly, the rest of the world. You name it, it’s caused by sugar: heart disease, cancer, dementia, type-2 diabetes, depression, and even acne, infertility, and impotence.”

– Mark Hyman, M.D.

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In Case We Haven't Met...

Hi there! I am Sheryl Vega

Before becoming a Menopause Coach, I studied nutrition and exercise independently as a certified fitness professional and nutrition expert. During my own menopause journey, I was suffering from debilitating symptoms and couldn't find help anywhere.

So I went back to the books. I was hopeful that I could manage my own menopause symptoms naturally. This began the next phase in both my personal and professional journey. I did the research, I learned the science, and I became certified as a Menopause Coach to dig deep into the issues menopausal women face. My previous knowledge of fitness and nutrition along with my newfound knowledge of women's health allowed me to not just manage, but master my menopause symptoms through lifestyle changes.

I know how confusing menopause can be. The endless symptoms combined with additional life stressors during this time is overwhelming. I wanted to help other ladies get off the merry-go-round of symptoms management and regain confidence within so that they too can reclaim their lives and regain their vitality!

In Health & Happiness,

Sheryl Vega

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